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The NEC has no idea what people are plugging in any more than we do. I also make other circuits available to each area - not just one. For the most part, most of my customers when I was on my own, or with the companies that I work for now, did not hire us because we were cheap - they want quality, reliable and often up-grade-able work.this 'Master Electricians Review" book, it states that a maximum of 10 duplex receptacles (180 VA) are permitted on a 20 amp circuit in other than dwelling occupancies.excerpt continued : PART TWO The Lemkos' material culture is considerably poorer than that of the Hutsuls. Their homesteads are built of wood and usually consist of a single building, with the corridor separating the living quarters from the stable (photo: Lemko homestead).

That said - 180VA is also a silly and low number in some commercial situations. 10 is an easy round number, offers a few more watts per outlet per circuit, and if in a bind I can add 3 more by code....You take 20 * 80% = 16 amps (table 210.24 210.23(A) ) 180/120=1.5 amps 16 / 1.5 = 10.667 dwellings are unlimited according to them. I didnt think the 210. 80% rule had to be counted in on the actuall calculation of how many receptacles on a 20 amp breaker.Realistically speaking, This article NEC 2008 , 210.23 seems to be more of an 'UNENFORCEBLE' rule for the people/clients plugging things in these receptacles.I'm not averse to upgrading (my "everyday" computer is Windows 7) but I was happy with those versions and I didn't want to change.So I kept the old computer to use for personal documents, as well as for the Windows Media Player and various older software programs that I like that aren't compatible on Windows 7. That combined with lack of support makes it more and more difficult to run without unacceptable risk.

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