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Beliefs but still barlow allows me to have a fun time, and there are no standard windows options that make it possible.Can some emails that are sent to your SPAM folder be sent there on purpose? Is he directing it there or visiting these sites and then they send these SPAM mesages?Also, my hard-drive was removed from an older computer. All of my sons projects and all of our family pictures were gone. Does this mean these things were downloaded or just frequently viewed?These days most spam filters will send any pornographic email to the spam folder because more likely than not it is spam. Most of that stuff today is of young girls (18) who are "barely legal".As far as getting some in the first place, yes some of it can just because you signed up for something else that sold your email address or something like that. As for the porn on the computer, well it didn't get there on its own. These days most spam filters will send any pornographic email to the spam folder because more likely than not it is spam. He has his own laptop now and there's no porn on it. I guess I know the answers already but I wanted to ask some people who really know about computers so I know exactly what I'm dealing with. He could have hid the images from you in a hidden/password protected folder.

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