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There is no reference to excommunication or dissolving such marriages either in chapter 10, 13 or elsewhere in Nehemiah.

The Israeli government succumbs to pressure by racist and anti-miscegenation organizations, banning Jewish women from volunteering in hospitals at night, when they might be more likely to encounter Arab workers and doctors.

Young Israeli women volunteering at hospitals in Israel as part of their national service (an alternative to serving in the Israel Defense Forces) will no longer be allowed to do night shifts in order to avoid any contact with Arabs, Channel 10 reported Wednesday (Hebrew).

So a story about an interfaith marriage in Israel between a Jewish woman and a Muslim man with the title – Right-wing extremists can’t break the love of a Muslim man and Jewish woman in Israel – is guaranteed to appeal to their audience.

We are told: Sunday brought a different kind of pre-wedding jitters for one Israeli couple.

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