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Check out this page for timelines dating back into prehistory and books on African Americans, Latino/as, and women in environmentalism.

Much of our work has been in the field of Black Women's history so there are a number of additional resources on the Black Women page.

The New England Religious Tract Society (also known as the New England Tract Society) was organized May 23, 1814 and incorporated in June 1816.

The name was changed by an act of the Massachusetts legislature in June 1823 to "American Tract Society." In 1825 the Boston-based American Tract Society merged with the New-York Religious Tract Society to form a new organization, which called itself The American Tract Society.

English slave trader John Atkins (cited in Craton, Walvin, and Wright 19) described the specific demands at different trading regions, but believed alcohol was "everywhere called for." African historian Lynn Pan (1975:7) argued that the only exception to the alcohol-for-slaves model was in the northern stretches of the slave trade where Islam was strongly entrenched.

In 1859 a major break occurred between the two American Tract Societies, due to a difference of opinion over the issue of whether or not to publish tracts which concerned "the sin of slavery." The American Tract Society (Boston, Mass.) continued to publish and distribute tracts under the name "American Tract Society." The New York-based American Tract Society promptly (1859) opened a New England Branch in Boston; they also operated major branches in Rochester, N.Have fun looking through bibliographies, quotations, and our calendar!This basic introduction to doing image research on the Internet, with an annotated list of the most valuable sources of historical images, is valuable for teachers of all grades and for middle and high school students.To qualify for a plaque, the building must be visually recognizable as an historic building and its history must be documented according to Madison Historical Society procedures.The dating of a structure is done by deed research (and other primary-source information) as well as by an architectural review.

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